KardiaChain support in Trustwallet will be good for Kardian and Trusties

when will Kardiachain integrated and supported in Trustwallet?

website on https://kardiachain.io it is Southeast Asia’s Leading Blockchain Ecosystem

KardiaChain is on a Mission to Create Global Mass Adoption of Blockchain & Web 3 Technology

Hi @r0mance,

Thank you for reaching out to us!

Sorry, but Trust Wallet does not disclose any future plans. You can follow us on our official social media channels, and if it is supported, you’ll see there.

Links to official channels you can find at trustwallet.com

Heads up! Please be informed that we will never ask for your seed phrase; talk to you via WhatsApp, Telegram, or other platforms. Also, we will not request fees or payments to provide you with access to your funds. Be vigilant against scammers and impersonators, and report them to us immediately. Stay SAFU!

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Sure I have followed, I have used TrustWallet since TWT not exist yet. Thanks so much

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