Kava compound rewards problem

I am unable to compound rewards on my kava staking. It was working fine till yesterday. Sometimes I get “insufficient funds” error, sometimes I get the “account sequence mismatch, expected 31, got 30: incorrect account sequence” and sometimes the order gets through but it is pending indefinitely and it never appears on mintscan. I have the latest version for android 6.8.

Also the kava staking rewards that trustwallet shows are wrong compared to mintscan (kava1vgm2zwa4k7m2j3g20kp7dg289gl4p03wex8hfn)

How do I find you with this number on telegr? I tried searching for 15072913638 but found nothing.

I would wait until a person from trust contacts you on the forum post. There is a risk to this way. Make sure to give no info to your account otherwise may be compromised.