Kin tokens Migration from Guarda wallet

My Kin’s private key is on Guarda wallet, and they currently don’t support the migration to Solana network, and won’t in the future. When trying to import my Kin tokens on Trust wallet, I got a message saying: Private key has to be 64 characters and mine has 56. My public address begin like this: GAFFFKHQLEFJYECU

How do I move my kins out of Guarda wallet?

I also tried to import my kin wallet to I inserted my private key in the first step, then in the second step I could see my kin fund as you can see on the screenshot, then I put my kin address which I copied from Trust wallet, clicked to Send payment, and got this error message: Error: Non-base58 character.

Should I copy my Solana address instead and past it to
Is it like Ethereum and the kin token gonna show up underdeath Solana?

Hi there,

I currently have my Kin tokens on Guarda wallet, and they are stocked in this wallet and it won’t support the new blockchain Solana. When trying to migrate my kin token on Trust wallet using my private key, it say: Private key has to be 64 characters long, and mine has 56 characters.

How do I import my kins on Trust wallet using my current private key?

Hi @bitcoinaire,

The KIN that you were trying to send are the migrated KIN tokens in the Solana network. So your SOL (stellar) tokens were already migrated.

Currently, sending tokens to your Trust Wallet address is not possible, as Trust Wallet uses a different implementation. Once the other wallets follow and accept TW’s approach, you will be able to send it.

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Hi @iamdeadlyz,

Just for clarification, can Kin in the Guarda wallet be sent to another Solona wallet using the MyKinWallet?

OP mentioned that the KIN on Guarda wallet is the KIN (stellar). Give it a try as I do not use Guarda wallet.

So does it mean my kins are now became SPL tokens?

Someone wrote me: “You can try moving them using Use the Key pair / paper wallet option. You will need KIN SPL address to send them too though and for that you will need to have SOL to initialize KIN SPL on for example. More wallets here Kin SPL Wallet Update for End-Users - . you can also send them to apps like peerbet or exchanges that support KIN SPL ( just added KIN).”

But I thought TrustWallet accept Kin token?
So I can’t have those kins within TrustWallet now?
How do I get a KIN SPL address.

Someone told I might have to do some convertions but how do I do that if I am not a tech guy?

What do I need to do now if I want to bring here on Trust Wallet?

Please be precise so I can get it this time :slight_smile:

Correct. You already got the migrated tokens.

Trust Wallet accepts the KIN (SPL). However, Trust Wallet uses a different implementation compared to other wallets. So, for now, transferring of KIN (SPL) is for Trust Wallet to Trust Wallet, not Trust Wallet to other wallet nor other wallet to Trust Wallet.

But do I need to convert them right now like that guy told me?

For example, I tried to send them from to PeerBet app and it doesn’t work.
If they are now SPL tokens, I should be able to send them everywhere I want isn’t ?

Which address do I need to use now?
The Solana (Kin 4)


No. That guide was only talking about how the KIN (stellar) address was derived to get the Solana address.

You can press the “copy token account address” in your mykinwallet dashboard then enter it here: You can see your KIN (SPL) tokens there as well.

Correct. In that case, contact Peerbet.

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But what is my address now to use to send those kin somewhere else. My old address GAFFFKHQLEFJYECU5QCHKYL4QLKOYPFTN5ZTQ4OXHQJYJWXIQOK6S7W7 or what ?

Currently, for other wallets, sending KIN (SPL) tokens will only work if you send it to a token account address. (ex: your TMJQ3sY739EmV4h4FFgaFnisNmF4bTP716on1fJnfHP)

I don’t understand. I can’t send to myself obviously.

To simplify, you can send your KIN (SPL) tokens to the deposit/receiving addresses of other wallets who supports KIN (SPL) as well.

Here is the address I am trying to send to my SPL token.
**Why it doesn’t work you think? **
Not a token account address like you said?

I didn’t tried this exange yet, but I guess it’s not going to work either?

I would like to hold those kins in Trust wallet. What do you suggest, wait until TrustWallet implement it or it won’t happen for a while. Right now they are stock on and Guarda Wallet. I can’t do anything with them.

Recently tried to send KIN (SPL) to FTX using and it worked.

Maybe Peerbet is not using a token account or something. Try to ask their customer support.

I just tried to send some kins from to and it doesn’t work.
Any suggestion? I emailed every KIN medias from discord to reddit, no answer. I can’t believe it.

Someone just asked me the following:

Is your kin app in blind signing mode?
Settings > blind sig > yes

You need to do that one ^
Give it a try then transact again.

How do I do that?
I use Safari browser with my computer, not any app.

Ah, I see. That method was for the Ledger Nano users.

Can you try to transact again? Maybe it will now work. If not, best to contact the KIN admins/team, as this is not related to Trust Wallet.

Using google chrome does work. Do you know why it doesn’t work while using Safari browser on my mac?