Koby Arena Coin contract of buy

Greetings, four all of you.

I need your help.
I have made a buy on pankaceswap on the dapps of the Trustwallet, of 430 koby arena coins, thoes coins after transaction didnt apear in my trust wallet.

My Wallet adress 0xC999010551ecF478ebc2b14Ef9023d05e9098B77 ,

Instead it wentout of my wallet, the same amunt of coins 430 Koby Arena, ther is a contract for aproval in my wallet to a transaction that i didn t make of this 430 coins .

The contract is( 0x02a40c048ee2607b5f5606e445cfc3633fb20b58 )

The transaction hash is, 0x21cbf22b717c50d92fc7ed9b55a26c432a85a6976061620dd0f8816ae5e64e63.

There are missing 860 Arena coins of may portfolio.

Gratefull for your atention.

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Hello @Vmgp74 you added liquidity on PancakeSwap with your KABY tokens, here’s transaction: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan
And the PancakeSwap LP tokens are in your wallet currently.
If you want to remove the LP, contact the PancakeSwap for instructions.

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