Kusama Staking not earning rewards

I have been staking Kusama (Ksm) now, for months upon months, and haven’t received any rewards, I even tried switching validators at one point, so I’m not sure why there haven’t been any reward payouts. If anyone knows the reason for this or can help me find a solution /explanation for the problem, I’de be extremely grateful!

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@CMinor Please read the full terms of staking here:

(Also to correct one part of my previous response it does appear the .2 was added to my initial Staking amount*)

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Hey Tobi, thanks - I’ve done all as stated from the start. Initially I was staking a little over 1.00 Ksm - I attempted to add around another .25 Ksm which also hasn’t been added to my staking balance nor returned to my account (I attempted to add the .2 Ksm thinking that maybe I was experiencing a glitch that would clear with the new deposit and hoped it would allow my rewards to be sent over) …I have attempted to email trust’s support team about this and am still awaiting a reply from my initial ticket I’de sent in last week. I believe that with about a 14.00% apr and my initial deposit having been made when the price of Kusama was much lower, and then going through at least 2-3 28 day rounds of staking, that I should have accrued something at this point?

@CMinor The rewards are added to your staked balance and you can claim after unstaking any amount.