Label 3 member requirements should modified

Requirements that 50 days visiting out of 100 days. It is not subsequently. :trust:

My suggestion that if anyone able to visiting 50 days subsequently, no need to wait 100 days then he will upgraded as label 3 member. :white_check_mark:

What is your opinion about it? :speaking_head:


It will be good :blush:
Love that :heart_eyes:

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Add more value here, active participation and consistency will take you there in no distant time. 50 days is not forever. :money_mouth_face: :trust:


@Mike2microbe there is mentioned that 50 days out of 100 days

I think its intended to measure average engagement in the forum. Overall value for the community is probably greater if someone is active over a longer period of time instead of 50 days in a row and after that not anymore.
And far as I know it counts backwards infinitely into the past as well. So you dont need to be member for 100 days. If you make an account and are active for 50 days, then you basically were active for the last 50 of 100 days. You should be promoted if you fulfil all the criteria then :slight_smile:

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In this community have any label 3 member?

No it shouldn’t be like this. If someone will be active in 50 days out of 1000, he don’t deserve to be high ranked member.

By the way - all topic regarding trust levels, promotins and so on - you guys could at least pretend that you care about something more than giveaway…


Current requirements are okay. No need modifying. Most people are active because of 500k TWT giveaway. Once done, you may not see them again here.


This is a discourse program setup, whichever company uses their forum system, their members will be required to achieve the basic requirements to be able to go up the level

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@Rabbiedwards you are right bro :speaking_head: