Learn about Helium and earn HNT tokens

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  1. What is the total supply of HNT tokens?
    56,107,426 (Check the latest on coinmarketcap)

  2. What type of devices connect to The People’s Network?
    Internet of Things (IoT) devices

  3. How many IoT devices are expected to need connectivity in the next five years?
    75 Billion

  4. What is the wireless technology Hotspots use to provide coverage?

  5. What is the unit of exchange Hotspots earn?

  6. Which of the below is NOT a way a Hotspot earns HNT?
    Providing Wi-Fi connectivity to nearby phones and computers.

  7. What is Helium’s novel proof algorithm that is used to verify Hotspots are real and located where they say they are?

  8. What is the unit of exchange IoT devices use to pay for connectivity?
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