Learn about Kava and earn KAVA tokens

Another distribution from coinmarketcap where you can watch a video and win up to $ 10 in KAVA tokens by passing the quiz answering questions, be careful when looking for answers on the Internet, I personally fell for false answers ((((

Personal request if you know exactly the answers :100: please share with the community do not let them make my mistake


thanks, I will definitely take part


I did their faucets twice and earned but I was not credited


you can take part in the quiz once, in the previous BAND quiz I was paid 0.067 BAND maybe you didn’t answer the questions correctly and for this reason in my first post I asked knowledgeable people to share their answers, I have the answers but I don’t know how correct they are


I’m not talking about their quiz I said faucets
Faucets are different from quiz

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Thanks for your information. I will try it

Found these online, but double check and watch the info vids:

Quiz Answers:

1.What is KAVA?

A: a decentralized bank run by hundreds of organizations around the world

2. What services are available on KAVA?
A: Loans, stablecoins and reward on digital asset.

3. What makes KAVA different from other DEFI protocols?
A: KAVA is interoperable, designed for all digital asset types including BTC, BNB , and XRP.

4. What is the KAVA token?
A: A native token of the KAVA blockchain representing ownership and responsible for security and governance.

5. How does someone receive KAVA tokens?
A: by staking or becoming a borrower on the platform.

6. What can KAVA token holders do to help secure the network and earn more KAVA?
A: Stake their KAVA tokens.

7. As the KAVA platform grows in usage, what happens to the KAVA token?
A: more KAVA tokens are burned making KAVA become more scarce


I have come across a different answer, but how to understand which one is correct?
мой вариант ответов Ответы на опросник по раздаче KAVA – Telegraph

I think you can borrow with other crypto, not just kava though, but like I said, I could be wrong

I wanted to know the exact answers, we have one attempt to fill out the form and do not want to miss it

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Thanks so much. I really appreciate

Do you guys think this cheating Kava Developers might find this And they can forfeit the project and all of those who participate

You can find answers for nearly every quiz on t’web

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your answers were correct it can be checked Token Distribution Status | CoinMarketCap Earn

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I thought they would be, so hope to get the drop this time, missed BAND before

to claim your reward go to https://claim.kava.io/ and fill in the required information

When I fill it I get back this answer:

Recipient not found or has already been claimed.

What does this mean? Because I didn’t claim my tokens before so is it because I didn’t answer well the quiz? Thanks a lot.

Hi @kveikvr,

You can contact Coinmarketcap’s customer service about that. Good luck!

– Locking the thread since this is an old one and your question is already answered. Feel free to create a new thread if necessary.

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