Learn about Terra and earn LUNA tokens

New distribution from coinmarketcap up to $ 10 in LUNA coins, if anyone knows the answers to the questions, please share with our friendly community :money_mouth_face:


friends I found on the Internet the answers to questions I ask experts to check and suggest where the wrong answer is

Quiz Answers:

  1. What Terra stablecoins exist?

All of the Above

  1. Can anyone propose to mint a new stablecoin pegged to a new currency?


  1. How many users does the Chai app have?


  1. Can you earn interest on your UST stablecoins using certain dApps?


  1. How does the Anchor savings protocol give you interest?

Block rewards from other Proof-of-stake networks

  1. What can you do with LUNA?

All of the above

  1. Where does Terra rank in total accumulated transaction fees across all blockchains?



I can’t find my deposit address on biniance what wallet did you use

biniance wallet is temporarily out of order


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Thank you. I already answered the questions then I so your post later. Do I have to be right to get the tokens?

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you must answer all questions correctly in order to receive a reward


all answers turned out to be correct, you can check it at this link Token Distribution Status | CoinMarketCap Earn
as soon as information about the distribution appears, I will definitely publish it here

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Calling all Earners: $LUNA token distribution for Terra Earn has begun, and will be completed by the end of the week!
A 100% on the quiz gets your a share of $LUNA!



check your wallets i got paid 3.46742678 LUNA

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I think alot of people got the answer right thats the reason the reward was small

That’s nice but no thanks I will pass.

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Each time CMC promised around 10 USD, but in the end, that was around 1 dollar or even less…

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not 10$ and up to 10 do not confuse

How do I claim my Luna tokens or this time they send it automatically to each account? Thanks.

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It wil be sent automatically

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