Legitimacy of the website

I just found out one site saying there is a bonus on trust wallets with transactions but in doubt of it since it requires the seed phrase of my wallet

golldbergfantagang .ml/www.trustwalets.com/

Any suggestions admin? Because if this is scam, it is already spreading in facebook because of refferal system

Joe difficult yo contact Trust Wallet support… I JUST WANT TO ASK ABOUT A BOT FRON TELEGRAM THAT CALLS TRUSTOKEN BOT that ask people they recovery frase to send they money. Is that a bot from Trust Wallet Company? I think is fake, just want to know

@paolomarino, that’s indeed a phishing site. Best to report here so it will be flagged: Report a Phishing Page

@fvmorris, that’s a scam bot as well. Trust Wallet does not own that bot. Report it to Telegram: Contact @notoscam so it will be flagged and taken down.

Always stay vigilant fellow Trust Wallet users! You should never give your recovery phrase to anyone.