Let's say TrustWallet or Swiss Army knife? #WisdomOfTheCrowd

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Trust wallet includes all the features that could be for a wallet. We will explain the advantages and conveniences of the DAPP market, which has been used by everyone recently. TrustWallet doesn’t just provide you with a Wallet. After creating an account, it offers you both an application that allows swaps, and a Wallet where you can access decentralized applications. With the increase in user density lately, Trustwallet also opened the dapp feature for the ios application.You can instantly see the value of the coins in your wallet.

First of all, I’ll show you the 4-step way to open an account via Trust wallet.

1- Create

2- New Wallet Create


4-You now have a trust wallet wallet

After creating a wallet, you can transfer your cryptocurrencies from any exchange to your wallet. Make sure to keep your coins such as ETH or BEP20 in your wallet, according to which dapp application you want to use with your crypto wallet. For example: You want to Stake DeFi token in your wallet and get a profit from it. You log in to the application and open the Dapp from the tabs and select the website where you will receive stake service. If the application does not appear in the Dapp section, you can find what you are looking for in the search section. In the Dapp section, you can access not only Stake service but also games and gambling sites. You can find sites where you can swap coins in your wallet through Trust wallet Dapp, these are websites such as Uniswap, BSCswap.

Trust wallet also takes into account user experiences and provides you with the most up-to-date access to them with the creators of Dapp applications.

1- Wallet


3- Example dapp

I guess we were not mistaken when we said the Swiss army knife for Trust wallet. We can find all the activations we are looking for in a single application.

Extra Feature: Those who want to make transactions on the website do not need to create another wallet separately. It has WALLET CONNECT feature for those who want to make transactions on the Trust wallet website. You can connect with Wallet Connect, so you can handle many transactions in the fastest way.



TrustWallet: https://share.trustwallet.com/mr5jk0

Creater Twitter adress: https://twitter.com/TLqhnG

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