Let's talk about DeFi

Good afternoon everyone, time without writing here :sweat_smile: ; I would like to talk about what the DeFi topic looks like to you, and many should be aware that one of the most talked about cryptocurrency topics lately, and it seems very good to me, since I like that aspects of traditional finance are adapting to our ecosystem cryptocurrencies; I invite you to read more about it.

How DeFi platforms work
The operation of DeFi is possible thanks to blockchain technology and one of the tools derived from it, smart contracts. The concept of smart contracts or intelligent contracts was created by the cypherpunk Nick Szabo, in the year 1994. Szabo conceptualized them as an autonomous program capable of executing a series of instructions or clauses according to whether a series of instructions had been fulfilled. . It was the equivalent of a legal contract but brought to the computer world and enhanced with the ability to be autonomous and completely anti-cheat.


It seems that DeFi is a future for our social and economic system. The structure is here, now we’ll see if people will use it ! I personally think that its importance will grow a lot with the crisis ahead.


DeFi offers us the opportunity of not having to Trust financial settings to store our funds
Or trust the central bank to not print excess money into the economy.

Offers us the sense of “Don’t Trust, Verify” and Being our own bank