Let's the moderators do their work

It as come to my noticed that some trusteers are not pleased with their fellow trusteers posts because most of the post doesn’t add any value to the community, it is normal to call the attention but condeming them all the time is not a good idea it is either you flag the post if you are able to or look away and let the moderators do their work the rules are their to guide them unless they didn’t read it everything was stated in the giveaway announcement so they should go back and read it thoroughly it’s never too late for them to adjust.

Though many of us has little knowledge about CRYPTOCURRENCY but we should try and do more research if you are all about making only money you will miss some vital informations about CRYPTOCURRENCY which you are supposed to know and understand and at the end you may find yourself worthless in crypto so please do more research and learn.

Good luck.


Yeah, that’s me. I’m the guy who started this anti-spam movement and I don’t regret it. Look at the new posts, most of them are crappy. I do not condemn the mods, but the community as a whole. If we go on like this, this forum will become just like any other forum out there, with 0 value. And yes, I mostly condemn the people who are supporting this, the ones who are only after the likes. You’ll find them easy. I won’t name them.

Flagging is not an option yet, we should get an official endorsement do mark the spamming posts/comments. Soon enough myself and some other anti-spam fans will reach level 3 and maybe we’ll start a group to help the mods out with the overwhelming situation.

Good luck to you too!!