Level 2 trust (MEMBER)

Im very happy with got notify level up MEMBER trust wallet, thank you best community

Still active here and you can see up level
Dont spam



How many you was creat a new topic?

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I dont know, forgot about it, but i still active coment, and post too

Hope you can lv up next

Hãy làm nó ngay đi, tôi đang chờ đợi bạn

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I’m also waiting for level up

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Yeah, how witing new subject @Shaimaranbir


@samuraivn just try it you will also get level up for sure

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Congratulations to you :+1:

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Nice! Congratulations :tada::tada::tada:

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Isn’t this actually granted for being active on the forum more than 2 weeks?



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I’m level 2 trust wallet member too. :grin:

congrat bro;;;;hope you see you in level 3

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Congratulation bro

Hope we can lv 3 soon


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Waiting for myself also :slightly_smiling_face: