Leverj (L2)tokens were sent to my TWT, but I would like to withdraw them to my ethereum wallet on Binance

What are you trying to do with your tokens? Do you want to trade your Leverj to other tokens?

Yes, I want to trade it for other tokens, tokens supported by binance. Can you be of assistance? Thanks again.

To clarify, you are talking about this token right?

Yes this is the token that I am trying to swap

You can use the DApp browser in the app then select Uniswap. You can then trade that token to other cryptos.

Oh really. Cos I tried connecting wallet connect to uniswap but saw gas fee of 0.023eth and was shocked

The gas fees are high right now due to the influx of transactions. Learn more here:

I just did the swap.expecting 0.29eth but nothing has come in yet. Bit worried cos the L2 is no longer in my account

What is your L2 token address? (press the receive icon near the send button, take a screenshot, and attach it here)

Here it is. 0xf7F305f4d61E39738E9e69c00bDb39B6b8aE9c0a

You didn’t swap it, you sent the L2 tokens to 0x06CBE251c4dC0c652C3B0836823Ad459E9A9664c.


I don’t understand, but it said swap

OMG…what can I do?

Perhaps, you sent it to your different wallet? Most of the transactions in that address is coming from 0xf7F305f4d61E39738E9e69c00bDb39B6b8aE9c0a, which is your address in the Trust Wallet app.

But my trust wallet balance is zero

Try to check your other wallets. Where did you even get this address: 0x06CBE251c4dC0c652C3B0836823Ad459E9A9664c?

Hi, I contacted the recipient via ether scan and she told me I had to pay for the gas fee in order for her to initiate a recall with testnet.I need ur advice

Be careful. You are likely talking to a scammer.

Tell them do this test: