Litcoin won’t show up

I recently just bought some litecoin, the transaction verified and everything, everything checks out but it still hasnt shown in my wallet, please help me resolve this issue

What wallet are you using?
I might be able to help you depending on the wallet.

Trust wallet app, I used simplex to buy litecoin I emailed them and they said it should be in my wallet

I can help you if you have discord that way I can sign in and share my screen then you would be able to help others. Just screen record what I do once I sign in so that you can remember incase it happens again.
In all reality though if you did use trust wallet once I sign in I would know exactly where to go I only use trust wallet and coinbase

This may not end well. Proceed with caution. Lots of scammers on here. Just a heads up

Yeah I can see that, thanks for the heads up do you know of a better way I can contact trust wallet?

Did you buy the litecoin on an exchange and you sent it to trust wallet and has not shown up. Is that correct? If so please contact the exchange.