Logo ERC-20 does not run merge-fee-bot

I uploaded my folder with the .png logo of my ERC-20 token but it’s been 4 days and nothing that the merge-fee-bot responds to me for payment.

postscript: i already installed the merge fee bot in my git hub repository

Did you follow this guide in submitting the token?
Can you share the PR link?

If that’s the way it is, moderator, I followed that guide.
this is the link to my ERC-20: blockchains/ethereum/assets/0xc5451c3b432687a5a796c4dafd0cb4702874f92d/logo.png

I had to send him the link like this because he won’t let me send it any other way

Check here the list of submitted token requests.

Is your submission here? If not then follow the guide I provided above.

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