Loss of crypto currencies after recovery

hi i need help i have imported my wallet into another phone and i see my account is empty how can i get possession of my crypto currencies please

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I got the same thing I complained on here i got a support email. I was asked to import recovery all my coin got wiped, it show that it was sent out

What was the solution? I am having the same issue… imported wallet into another phone and none of my transactions or funds are appearing. This is extremely overwhelming and frustrating… How can we get help?

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لطف اگر کسی اطلاعاتی دارد کمک کند.
در روی گوشی موبایل جدید, تراست ولت قبلی را با 12 کلمه صحیح بازیابی کردم. کیف پول بازیابی شد ولی موجودی صفر شد و هیچ تراکنشی هم وجود ندارد

have you been check the main account wallet ? it is should display ur crypto balance