Lost bnb in block chain

I transfered bnb from trust wallet without using memo.
Can the bnb be retrieved back to me


Admin should answer this

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Hi @Opko
Memo is very important.
Why is a MEMO required?
A MEMO is required because the BNB deposit address for all users is identical. The MEMO is a unique identifier assigned to each account that allows Binance to identify a deposit and credit the appropriate account.

Currently, you can apply for recovering your assets via self-service online:
To submit an application: https://www.binance.com/en/my/wallet/recovery/form/d
To check the recovery records: https://www.binance.com/en/my/wallet/recovery/list

I hope this is helpful


I have a question instead Most bnb address in trusted wallet app don’t carry memo, why is that?

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Hi @Bolaji877
Memo is optional when sending bnb from :trust: wallet. Though some recipients require memo for transaction…and in such case must be included.
Memos are optional too when sending bnb from binance CEX to :trust: wallet


Hi, i have a similar problem, i did a token swap of bnb for loki coin, but my balance in loki shows only the equivalente of 50% of the transaction, what do i have to do?

Yea. I thank God i didn’t make same mistake yesterday. I was sending an asset to binance yesterday and it generst3d an address and a memo for me.
I used the provided information and I was credited within few minutes.
If I had been adamant and ignored the memo, this could have been my headache because binance doesn’t generate the memo for fun.
It’s now I know how important is the memo should binance require it


Please how do i get my memo?

It depends on where the BNB was sent to, not all transactions requires MEMO. But if it was sent without MEMO to a platform that requires memo then you have to contact the customer support

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It is generated by CEX only when you want to deposit. You have to copy a current memo every time you want to deposit to avoid lose of funds

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Hello @Opko,

Please contact the exchange/platform/wallet owner where you sent your BNB so they can check your deposit.

@Bolaji877, Trust Wallet app is a decentralized wallet. A memo is not necessary since you will still receive it in your wallet with or without a memo.

Hello @Jomaessa, we already assisted you via Twitter. Thanks for reaching out to us!

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