lost deposit roobee

i send 2 deposits in kucoin exhange … bnb coin and roobee coin…
bnb arrived just fine… but roobee are lost… trust wallet says its a success but the coins are lost… only bnb arrived in kucoin.

i have 1.28.2 version

trans. hash 0x229f6720a9e1c2a3943d01a8b6344fbf73779f463a687c256ea564387e4be1b2


to… 0xe64f5cb844946c1f102bd25bbd87a5ab4ae89fbe

can anyone help pls…??

Please contact the customer support of Kucoin so they can assist you with the deposit issue.

i already send them an email in the support and told me to talk with the support from trust wallet… :woozy_face:

That’s ridiculous, your tokens already transferred from Trust Wallet to KuCoin wallet that means they’re no longer in your wallet as you can see on bscscan funds transferred successfully.

yeah i know… i saw that… iwill talk to them again… thanks anyway man…