Lost DGB token how to recover?

So i send around 1534.6 dgb token from trustwallet to my kucoin adres but it never arrived.

instead some wierd adres “send” it back to my trustwallet adres but i never got my tokens.

i tried to send from kucoin to trustwallet that was a succes (99) dgb tokens.

But where is my 1534.6 dgb???

here is my dgb adress:

how do i got my funds back??

how do i recover this?

Hello @adaliboy can you send the transaction hash for self transaction so as we can check?


i think you mean this one
(txid / hash)

@adaliboy this is not self transaction it is transfer to another address ( DNAmLwRm14ZLtMF35ZgqNtxzb6t6wKtDuz)