Lost Dogecoin withdrawal

I deposited dogecoin into trust wallet. I copied and pasted the senders address and sent. I thought it would send back to my bianace and it didn’t please help.


I have this issue too please help I can’t see my dogs coins on trust wallet anymore after trying to send to binance


I’m having same issue. Sent my DOGE and it’s been pending for a day. I’m not sure how to post a help ticket either.


I’ve had my 500 dogecoins transaction pending for 24h now. I tried seeing the guides on how to cancel the transaction, but they require some sort of value called “nonce”, and it’s nowhere to be found… Can someone please help? The transaction says “unconfirmed” when I press More details.


Having the same issue here can’t seem too send my coins back too Binance too sell or convert just keeps pending and errors out help needed


I tried to withdaw my doge into my ndax. My first attempt had an error and cancelled the transaction I tried again recently and is still pending, I tried sending my eth over and worked within 5 mins I heard that the miners have to confirm the transaction or something of that sort wish this thread could get a bump

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Replying to this because I have the same issue.
Doge transactions appear to not have the “nonce” option and all troubleshooting methods require that.

Same here except it showing successful but the coin never showed up in my Binance account. Where did they go. The customer service team never responds.

Hey I just figured out the same issue … I manually doubled the fee for the transaction and it went through

I sent $60 ETH to my coinbase wallet and it says successful but it’s just disappeared?..