Lost ETH BEP 20

I have transferred ETH as BEP20 token to trust wallet almost a week back and not yet received . As per the instruction from support desk I have enabled the Ethereum peg ETH in my wallet . Still the transferred tokens are not being shown. What else can be done to recover the list tokens? My wallet version is 4.1

Wallet adress is 0xC98515cE994133b2363E685E5Bb66a210ceDe694
And contract note is

Can anyone please help ?

Hello @Natesh Your balance is hidden, Simply tap the asterisks on top of the wallet name to show the balance and upload a screenshot again. Read more: How to Hide/Show Wallet Balance

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Actually it was my first transaction to trust wallet . It didn’t come yet . So balance is Zero

Can you please give a reply. Not able to post the screenshot as system is not allowing embedded medis