Lost Funds Due to Trust Wallet Bug (7.10)

Hello everyone,

I want to share an unfortunate experience I had while using the Trust Wallet application on Android.

I attempted to make a swap via an exchange aggregator called ParaSwap. I initiated the swap directly from the Trust Wallet application on Android.

However, after completing the transaction, I noticed that it did not proceed as expected. Upon contacting ParaSwap support, I quickly discovered that the issue was related to Trust Wallet. They identified a critical error in version 7.10 of the application, which resulted in a loss of funds. The problem was that transactions sent from the application did not contain the necessary data. The fix has since been implemented in version 7.14 of the application.

Unfortunately, I suffered a loss of approximately $800. Despite my attempts to contact Trust Wallet support over the past eight months, I have not received any response.

Given that the issue is clearly attributable to a failure on their part, I hope to receive compensation for my losses.

Here is the transaction hash associated with my swap: 0xdba5a2d96d22f29313dbacbebe4a687f10331ef9c601d4eb8fe90ba54a01816b

Thank you for your attention and support in this matter.


@sullfurix The best way to get support is to open a support ticket from your Trust wallet app.
Settings → Support

To reduce response times from customer support, please include the following info in the ticket:

App version, device model, wallet address, TX hash (if available), and the blockchain + assets you’re experiencing the issue with, and any relevant screenshots or videos to duplicate the error.

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Thank you for your suggestion. In fact, I have already tried contacting Trust Wallet support several times, but unfortunately, I have not received a satisfactory response. That’s why I’m exploring other avenues to resolve this issue.

@sullfurix The support team are in the best position to help you as there is no support elsewhere.

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