Lost money during swapping

I wanted to swap megaland coin worth 325,000 with with a value of $122.45 to Usdt via pancakeswap. On swapping I noticed, I didn’t get the value in return.

Can you investigate what happened?

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@Finest20 Can you provide a transaction hash from the swap?

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Find below the transaction hash for the swap


@Finest20 That doesn’t seem like a Trust wallet, please reach out to that token support team to understand their tokenomics.

I swapped BTC → USD-T

This is first transaction, marked as SWAP
tx 26bc595ab8b5eeb96092e84bb05abf5bb8aceeccadf478c6527bd1aa6a55e0f7

This is second that came after, marked as SENT:
tx 26bc595ab8b5eeb96092e84bb05abf5bb8aceeccadf478c6527bd1aa6a55e0f7

All’s confirmed, and I didn’t get USD-T on my wallet, and my BTC is gone. What happened?

@dagame Please check your address on the explorer and see what it says.

@OOOBE That’s a contract address you just sent and not a transaction hash.

@OOOBE This seems like a direct transfer and not a swap

Sorry for bothering you, I’m just try to catch that one, I did a few transactions at the same day. How about this one please:


@OOOBE That’s for a swap of around 500 USDT. If i’m correct, that was the USDT from the first transaction hash you sent.

This is correct but I didn’t receive it, where should I find it? Also which telegram group I should contact?

@OOOBE You did receive it, please check the explorer for your list of transactions and confirm.
Also beware of impersonators, I would not initiate a contact on telegram.

Dear @Tobi , This was sent to:

It’s the swap Provider “THORChain” it wasn’t moved to my wallet. How can I see it? on which blockchain and which coin?