Lost my recovery phrase

I’ve lost my mobile. with my pass phase. but I can prove that the wallet is mine. ID card, credit card purchase and kyc from binan


Hello @Tamer3
Please be informed that it is impossible to recover the wallet without the recovery phrase or private key. You should have a backup stored in a safe place.
Also, the Trust Wallet team does not keep a log of your recovery phrases for your security.

For further information, please read:

Hello Tobi
I habe nothing, only the wallet address and buy from my kredit card. I lost everyting

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@Tamer3 Really sorry about this.
Please try to check if you have saved your recovery keys somewhere as there is no way to recover your wallet.


I lost mine too, cuz my phone got smashed. I have a fucking lot of babydodge i cant get to now… Its got to be posible somehow… but how???

@Bombomdk There’s no way to recover your wallet if you don’t have your seed phrase.