Lost USDt (KAVA)

from tokens list in my TrustWallet I choose Tether (KAVA) to get address to receive tokens. Then i copied that address and i sent my Tether (KAVA) asset to that address.
KAVA mintscan says that transaction is successful but I cannot see my Tethers in my TrustWallet


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Hello @arkadiusz_zieba
You need to add the USDT manually, tap the toggle sign on the upper right and search USDT, then toggle on the one with KAVA.

I have already done this but still nothing is shown but when I click

Check explorer

I can see proper value
Unfortunately I cannot provide screeenshots because I met error that i can’t upload media in the post reply

@arkadiusz_zieba You should be able to upload a screenshot now

Of course I can provide any other screenshots/data if needed. Anyway I will be waiting for further announcements or updates concerning my issue

@arkadiusz_zieba Can you reimport your wallet or you could try the troubleshoot guide below:

I tried to reimport my wallet before I ask you for help but without results. Moreover, the problem occurs not only in my Mobile App but also in Chrome extension in which I manage the same wallet as on mobile phone.
So Trust Wallet on Android or Chrome extension - I meet wrong USDt (KAVA) balance

On this screenshot you can also see that I sent my USDT on correct address:

As you can see it is the same as in Tx I sent before: Mintscan

@arkadiusz_zieba Reported it internally, it would be resolved.

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OK so there is no need to submit separate ticket by me, only waiting for your answer here in this post?

@arkadiusz_zieba Yes there’s no need for that, it will be resolved.


> [ Update after 20 hours ]:

I miraculously swap unreachable USDt to native KAVA Coin which is already transferrable using Keplr extension in which I import wallet using mnemonic seed for my problematic Trust Wallet account.
Anyway I think there is still huge issue with that USDt (KAVA) asset and probably has to be repaired in the future

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