Lost USDT onthe way to Coinbase

I was sending my funds back to Coinbase address 0x82367e17a298b374ed6b624d473C2C0fE361bdb9 Amount 32,355.613667 USDT then the transaction failed then it showed sent to hash transaction 0x3c7aa45c6509545d3b2bc25013ef4e049336fe2093fc6949b97370016ff030ef
so now I am unable to retrieve my funds, I have spoken to Coinbase and I was advised that I must contact trustwalet to have my funds retrieved back, if you could please help that would be much appreciated as doonas possible as it is a large amount

Amount 32,355.613667 USDT

Trust wallet deposit ‪


Coinbase deposit


Error wallet hash transaction


Can we please have this fixed

@jiggy2 Your tokens were sent to this address 0xf083D3346ffD6a1d1047f3Ae8150d1DE6E03190e
Do you recognize the address ?

Hi Tobi

No I don’t recognize the address at all The correct address shouldbe 0x82367e17a298b374ed6b624d473C2C0fE361bdb9 which is the one I originally copied directly from Coinbase

@jiggy2 Your USDT was sent to the address i sent above. If you didn’t authorise that, then your wallet is compromised and you need to stop using it and create a new wallet.

Hi Tobi

I never authorised it at all, if you and other members are able to help me retrieve the funds back I would greatly be appreciated to pay you $10,000 .

The $32,355 USDT was all my saved up money, me and my husband don’t have any income at all as we both are unable to work, we are still paying our mortgage we have two young children that are not independent.

The way this had initially happened is that I was added on added onto a WhatsApp group last week that’s called Binance Australia, I honestly don’t know how they got my phone number and knew that I have a Binance account, during the group conversations, during this week on Wednesday they stated that there is a mining pool to earn with good returns, so I private message the lady Dana from Binance Labs on how to set up the mining pool on the trust wallet and start the mining pool, she gave me all the instructions and a link to copy and past into the discover tab on the bottom right corner of the trust wallet, once all setup I then transfer the $32,355 USDT from Coinbase to the trust wallet, after I had done that I then contacted Binance support via my Binance app to confirm if everything is correct and working, I was transferred to the Binance security team and soon as I was told that Binance Labs is not part of Binance and it’s a scam is when I immediately logged into my trust wallet on my phone app, copied my Coinbase deposit address and pasted it into the trust wallet send as erc20, soon as I selected send is when the transaction showed failed smart contract call error then soon after that it automatically on its own attempted it again with transfer completed of $32,355 UST to the account ending with 3190e.

Tobi i really need your help on this to retrieve my funds back I am willing to do anything and pay you as mentioned above, I am even willing to try and get some real known best hackers to help you and your team

I’m truly ready to do anything possible to help you out with this even to sell all my husband cars, bikes and our house I’m will to get this done, I will even invest into trust wallet to make it the best wallet out there I’m all in if you are

it’s been two days straight that I haven’t slept at all trying to work out a way to get back my funds I’ve got stomach sick, depressed and anxiety, thinking about what happened and my family,

Please if your willing to communicate with me via video call to please do so

And if anyone out there wants to help I will reward them as well

@jiggy2 I’m really sorry about this, although unfortunately your funds are gone and no one can recover funds confirmed sent on the blockchain.
If anyone says they can recover it, it’s also a scam and they’re only looking to get more money off you.
Please be careful next time.