Loyalty program for twt

The Trust Wallet project has grown and still growing compared to some other wallet around the cryptocurrency industry with good loyalty program. Just my suggestions for consideration:

1) Cashback: After account activation, there should be a loyalty reward for receive and sent transactions. Basically, I suggests this reward to be when anyone exchange their coins with the platform.

2) Affiliate program: This should be in levels compared to one time affiliate the trust wallet has exhibited.

Level 1. There should be a certain commission from the first referrals(friends that use the invite link) -----%15

Level 2. When their structure turn above a particular level(like above $1000) -----%15

What are your opinion FAM?


But Trust wallet cant pay you or else, because any tx fees goes only to miners, not for wallet team. So where do you think that cashback or reward will come from?

@Danielayo from my own perspectiv, the affiliate program you mentioned will give room for more fake users who just care only about referring and not educating the referred which I guess is what the Trust Wallet team is trying to avoid. Although I stand corrected if I am wrong.

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This should be in form of encouragement from the project team. Off course miners are to have the tx fees, but a little incentive will give Trust Wallet a global lead.

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You’re right, the Trust Wallet project team have done the needful by deactivate most abusers.

My point is: if I refers like 4 potential users and 2 among my referrals made transactions above $1000 - 5000 within their ecosystem, they should give some incentives.

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