Mail response to support not delivered - Marked as spam


So I opened a ticket with support and got a response.
I tried to reply to the mail but I can’t send it because trustwallets mailrules reject it.
The reasson stated is that its for spam prevention.
Probably its because I included addresses, transaction hash and pictures (as requested).
But how am I supposed to forward this information to support if it gets flag as spam?

@Dogsauce Can you confirm what mail you have received a response from.
Only official mail is [email protected]

Yes that was the email that I got a response from.
Also the email that I tried to reply to many times.
Now it seems as if my replies in this thread arent getting approved?

It was indeed from [email protected]
Can confirm. Any suggestions on what to do next???

@Tobi You have any idea how I can get past this?
There are no indications in the mail from trustwallet that you would need to go through any specific procerdurs.