Make exporting funds from Trust as straightforward as that of Binance for example

Transferring funds from Trust to another place is a real nightmare. As a user I don’t need to know about pegged coins and the different technicality of the transfer.
My case : I sent ETH and found it pegged to Binance . When I tried to send it back to Binance Trust kept saying there was not enough BNB, which is not true .
Please do something about this. I used Trust for a while without issues . If it is a bug or something fix it ASAP please.
Set up a bot that can answer our queries please

If you are having binance, swap that binance to binance smart chain. Every coin or token related or pegged to binance use binance smart chain as their TX fee.

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Can you elaborate please?

There are two bnb on trust wallet one is binance while the other one is binance smart chain. Here is a picture.

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So to carry out transaction related to binance, you need to convert the bnb to smart chain.

Then after you might have been through with all your transaction, you can covert your smart chain back to bnb , then you can send out to any address.

I am working on it . I have never ever seen anything as complicated as this > I hope it works. You have no idea how much time I spent trying to make a transfer. Man, these guys expect new comers to know all this …

Well, it did not work. When i go to swap there is BNB ( chain I think) and then I went to look for the BNB.Of course, BNB( chain) is nowhere to be seen.

Thank you for trying to help me . I am still where you found me . The problem is still there.

I was able to find the Smart Chain this way.

Go to Home - Find/tap BNB > More (Under BNB) > >Trade BNB > You Pay BNB You Get > type in smart chain

Hope this helps!


Yessssssss !!! It worked.You are a lifesaver. This solution should be pinned I think.

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