“Make sure you trust this app” issue

Hi. I get that error when i try to swap on pancakeswap:

“Make sure you trust this app. We are not responsible for any action this app will do.”

I cannot confirm my transaction because of this. This issue started after trust wallet update (ios).

My app version is 5.22 (5224)

That’s not error, it’s only warning to alert you about the DApp you are going to use may be able to transfer your funds without your approval. But that doesn’t mean all DApps are malicious.

Yeah i know it is an alert but this message appears instead off confirm button. I can not confirm my transaction.

Ss: https ibb. co/sm6rhF5

Can you send the screenshot of the confirmation page here please? So that I can check.

here is the screenshot of the confirming page. i hope we have a solution.

https:// ibb .co/sm6rhF5

sorry, i can not include image or link, thats why i seperated url link :slight_smile:

Make sure you have enough BNB BEP20 (Smart Chain) for gas fee too. Without it you can’t transact.

I have enough bnb in my account. It is not about fees. As you can see on the screenshot, confirm button disappeared, only warning msg exist. Very annoying situation, i’m using metamask because of this issue.

Ok, if anybody have a same issue, here is the reason and the solution. Latest trust wallet version have a bug that swap button is invisible below the warning message mentioned on my first message. You just need to touch below the message several times than your transaction will be performed. Also swap button will be visible for a second.

You didn’t provide any screenshot, can you please send it here.? You mentioned that you sent.

I don’t have permission to send image or url link. That’s why i seperated url link above messages but you couldn’t see i guess.

Here is the image link: https:// ibb .co/sm6rhF5
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