MATIC not received on my NEXO Wallet from my TRUST wallet

Hi There,

I did not receive my MATIC tokens when I sent them over from my TRUST wallet. The transaction was a success and the addresses are all correct. Only thing what is on my mind is the CRC20 network I sent it on…

I was having bugs with my MATIC tokens in my TRUST wallet before… it wasn’t showing the amount I had or the value.

Transaction Hash: 0x1624cd3363e91fc31f1256743b1426e62fc14bc32ed2fb4e9815b24dcf0753ee

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Hello @Dan_malpass can’t fount it , Sorry, We are unable to locate this TxnHash.


You can’t find this transaction hash? It’s on the cronos network CRC20

What’s wrong exactly ? you can’t see it in your Trust Wallet or Elsewhere ?

Apologies for the lack of detail. Basically I sent it from my TRUST wallet to my NEXO wallet and now it hasn’t been received on my Nexo app. I’ve been patient but it’s been almost 2 days now. The address is correct so I’m confused

have you thought about going to ask them? , there is nothing wrong with us .

This is your nexo wallet address i think : 0x54f1c59b17279d76ff0ef2a70aed6617461d918e

You should ask them everything is ok on the blockchain .