Matic sent to Trust wallet on ERC20 Network

I sent my MATIC to my trust wallet and it is not showing in my Wallet. I think i enabled the MATIC erc20 network and it should show but it isnt. I checked the transactions on the ERC20 network going to my wallet and it says i received it but it is still not showing in my wallet. Im not too nervous because like i said, i received the MATIC. I would like it to show in my wallet though.


Hello @Macdaily420 can you share any screenshot ? any proof ? i can’t see your wallet so i can’t help you and make sure your trust wallet is up to date . check the app store or the google play .

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Same problem here!
Trying to open a new topic…

It seems I need to achieve the Trust level to post.
Sorry for hijacking this topic…

Hello @Peacepipe you can write here , tell us more what’s wrong exactly ?

I created a new post.
Just waiting approval from a moderator.
There I included more details