MEMO from TW on LUNC network not showing up in

I am trying to send LUNC (Terra Luna Classic) from Trust Wallet’s mobile app. On the send page/form, I enter the recipient terra address, amount, and MEMO. My recipient requires a MEMO. I hit send. The funds do not arrive to the recipient. I check the TXID:
Terra Finder

The MEMO is not showing up on finder (LUNC blockchain). Is this bug on Trust Wallet for this network? Has anyone else had this experience. TW please help and review when you can. I have screenshots of the entire process, showing that I indeed entered the MEMO.



@paulmartininc You need to contact the wallet you have sent those tokens to.

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I contacted the exchange and the issue is from the sending platform, Trust Wallet. I performed another transaction to test the MEMO problem, and it happened again. I took screenshots of the entire process. I have emailed support at trust wallet the screenshots. On the form to send, I entered the correct recipient address and MEMO; then hit send. The transaction is confirmed but when I double check TXID on, the MEMO is not showing up. There has to be a bug in the mobile app for this network. The recipient exchange can’t do anything until the respective MEMO shows up on Happy to share my screenshots with you but having issues uploading them to this thread.

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@paulmartininc I’d advise to wait for a response from the Customer support team since you have submitted a ticket.

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