Merging wallets

hey there got a nooooob question about merging trust with keplr
is it possible ? i mean i want my keplr wallet to be able to see the cosmos coin i stake on Trust
i read i have to import trust into keplr by typing my recovery phrase in keplr
does this work ? how keplr can identify my trust wallet even with the recovery phrase ? isn’t it 2 different systems ?

Hello @yaladin
Your 12 word recovery phrase is the key to your wallet and therefore using it on any non custodial wallet would ensure your tokens are shown no matter what wallet is used hence why you are advised always never to share the recovery keys to another person.
To answer your question, yes you will be able to see your funds and also your staked Cosmos token on that other app mentioned.


thank you
is there a way to import just the cosmos token from my trust wallet
this way i don’t risk all the tokens in case my keplr wallet is compromised

@yaladin you can extract your cosmos private keys using iancoleman tool. Read more here: Am I in Control of My Private Keys?