Metahero Transaction Failure

Hey All,

The transaction which I did yesterday has failed, but I can’t see the coins on my trustwallet nor web3 other wallet which I use. On the blockchain I can see it has failed for some reason. Could anyone confirm what to do in such situation? I’ve tried multiple times to restart and update the trust wallet app, but coins are still missing. Please refer to below link:


@Dragsi That token was sent out

Also I’ve received information from helpdesk as below:
Five hours ago, you attempted a transaction which unfortunately did not succeed. As per Bscscan, when a BEP20 token transfer is unsuccessful due to an error, the amount meant to be transferred remains in the sender’s address. However, the “Gas Fee” gets deducted.

Subsequently, according to the same explorer, you made a second attempt to complete the transaction, which was successful. You can refer to the following link for the transaction’s details:

This link serves as a reliable source to verify the status of your transactions.

Finally, note. that the “Out of Gas” error may occur due to:

  1. Insufficient gas limit provided
  2. Contract interaction requiring >21,000 gas limit
  3. Contract execution exceeding the minimum gas limit
  4. Contract execution error while VM execution continues, exhausting the gas limit
  5. Gas price set too low ([minimum gas price is 15 gwei]

But I am not sure what to do next.

@Dragsi Please contact the token support team