Metis to BNB pancakeswap not adding up

Why is it that when I try to swap 167 Metis token to BNB on pancakeswap, it’s saying that I will receive 2.67 USD ?? This doesn’t make sense at all. I need help please
Here’s my wallet contract


Hello @Dubah.t11
Please note that Trust wallet doesn’t determine the price of tokens.
Hence, you need to make your research on the token and their pricing.

Does it mean wrapped BNB Metis token is a fraud? It is not linked and backed up by actual Metis token?

In this case Trust wallet should rethink their name. It is an officially shown token in the menue.

@Joxi Trust wallet is decentralised, because you add a token to your app doesn’t mean it was approved by Trust wallet.
That is why it is essential to always DYOR.
I’ll attach a helpful guide you can read that could help you navigate better when buying crypto.

hi, have you solved the the problem ? please i neeed an ansewr cause im going through the same thing.