MicroPets to BNB no funds received

Good evening

The issue happened as follow:

I used pancakeswap to swap MicroPets to BNB

Wallet was connected asked for approval

Here is the approval hash


Swapped from MicroPets to BNB resulted in 0 transaction and I can’t locate the funds .

Here is the result transaction


Please help.

Thank you

@Azmzm your transaction was successful and you received your BNB.
Then, you swapped your BNB for ALU tokens which are currently in your wallet. Here’s transaction: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

Thank you Alan47 for your time and help.

The transaction happened in the 2nd. Check this out please.

I had the balance that I use for swapping ALU on the 4th from before ; as you can see in my wallet log.

My only problem is with the MicroPet transaction that didn’t add any thing to my BNB balance.

Thanks again :pray: