Migrate: Feature for a Button

Hi, I want to propose a quality-of-life improvement to the Trust Wallet. Thought it might be useful for many users

#  "Migrate: Feature for a Button" 
Functionality, no-code explanation 

Send a part of funds without pre-generating new blank wallet in the wallets menu and switching back and forth for copying an address to send for each coin and chain.

“Migrate” some amount of avaliable user funds to a new/existing Trust Multi-Coin Wallet
Generate/prompt to input the seed phrase and then show a selection of assets available to send.

Then a preview of transactions for each migrating coin+network comission and detailed view with links to blockchain explorer/oracle for showing status of the transactions.

Cool option for newer users who dont know much about cold storage, if they want to split their portfolio into a colder and a hotter one, using migrate process that I tried to describe.

Would be glad to do my small part in suggesting some feature :slight_smile: