"Migrated" BNB from Beacon, now I can't see it

I’ve head a few BNB in my TW for about 2 years. I just installed the TW extension, latest. I imported my wallet (12 words). I could see my few BNB. There was a note saying my BNB was on “Beacon” and I needed to “migrate”. I clicked on “Migrate”. A tx happened, listed as “Success” but I don’t see my BNB anywhere, neither BNB nor Smart Chain. On BscScan, I see my few BNB listed under “Multichain portfolio” (?), no token ID (tx screeshots available). I did “Troubleshooting”: no result. GPT chatbot useless: tells me to switch to “Smart Chain”. I did it many times, no result. On Android, I import the original wallet (same 12 words). Again, no BNB. How do I access that “migrated” BNB? Tx screenshots available.