Mining pool rewards event ( IT’S A SCAM ? )

I was thinking of putting money in a mining pool that I was added to on WhatsApp. It states it’s Binance looking to open up in Canada and offering this. I told them was thinking of joining and they sent me the below link. It seems a bit like a scam and want to make sure before I invest in this. The chats keep getting deleted and open under new chat. Please help.


@Dgom Of course that’s a scam and you should not engage in such.
Most and if not all of these mining pools are all scams.


Is there any way i can verify if a link is legit?

I have https(ignore this space)://

To participate in a Binance mining pool for Lista/usdt.

@Zotprotke That’s 100% a SCAM link. Please avoid interacting with it.

Thanks for your answer.
For future reference: how can one reconize scam links?
I did some research and Binance anounced the project on their website: binance(dot)com/en/research/projects/lista

I’m new to mining/Daps etc.
All i ever knew was buying crypto and hoping it went up.
But i would like to do more.

Is there like a tutorial, because i can’t find much info in tw app.

@Zotprotke It’s always important to do your own research first then after that if you’re still unsure, you can ask like you have done above.
There are several ways to identify fake websites:

  1. Their URL may be misspelled
  2. No history or available information online about them
  3. Warning signs from security scanners.

It’s important to note that some websites may still pass the above and be fake websites. Always double check and confirm first.

I have a question I came across this page on te legram

They claim it’s trust wallet bit coin mining but this is what I get when I try to withdraw from the app

[1] [2] [3]

[4] [5] [6]

[7] [8] [9]

[10] [11] [12]

Input your wallet 12 words Backup Phrase (sometimes 24) or Private key words separated by single spaces correctly to connect your wallet :link: to bot.

:warning:You must have minimum of $1 in the wallet you want to link to verify that you’re not a robot​:warning:

The backup phrase confirmation is to make sure that the wallet we are funding is a Real wallet & make sure you haven’t claim airdrop twice.

Note: Do not link wrong or new wallet phrase or wallet without minimum of $1 in it. Else your withdrawal request will be ignored❕

This a scam right???

@Masseric That is 100% a SCAM, please be careful.

can you check whether is a legit or scam? how to test a scam site?

@trusted_king That’s a scam, most mining pool websites you see are scams.

Tobi, this is the mining pool I am being actively pulled in (/ I knew it was scam and I got more convinced now with this thread. What is strange is that the chat is very active, although the text is written kind of in the same wording but by different users. I am not sure if they use a bot that actively writes all the messages. I also contacted users separately and shared a Reddit post and they told me I am wrong which I guess is the scammers. What is sad though is that I sent a ticket to the trust wallet support team and no reply. I sent them a ton of screenshots if somehow these scammers can be caught. The BS story is the same as above, giving back for Binance Canadian users to bring back Binance bla bla bla.

@bumbu_mircea That website you have sent is fake and you should note that most of these mining pool websites fall under the same category. Please be much more vigilant and always do your own research first.