Mining pool rewards event ( IT’S A SCAM ? )

Hi all,
I like to check with support if a reward event is scam.
The url is

Text within WhatApp:
Achtung USDT-BEP20 Smart Mining Nutzer. Die Erlöse des Mining-Pools wurden auf Ihre Konten oben ausgegeben, bitte melden Sie sich im Mining-Pool an, um zu überprüfen.

Any idea?
Thanks a lot

@dirschmi That’s a scam for sure.


I have been badly scammed by so called “Binance DeFi liquidity mining”. Naturally I have been stupid to trust these scammers, but I also trusted “Trust wallet” that nobody can make transfers without my approval. This still happened. Is there any way to prevent this happening in Trust wallet?

This is the transfer that scammers just made without my involvement.


Of course I earlier accepted to use dApp, but had no clue if by that I gave authority to scam my money😡

No way to get my money back, I believe ?

@JTS Unfortunately that’s a scam and also it’s impossible for your tokens to be sent out unless you gave access to your wallet by giving out your seed phrase or clicking a bad link.
Please create a new wallet and stop using the compromised one.

Hi Toby,

thank you for your response. So, in practise, it is possible that by accepting dApp’s, I give full access to the outsider? I know for sure that my seed phrase was not compromised.

Crypto industry is still young, and people will do many mistakes, and those ones who are experienced can ruthlessly utilize this for many kinds of scams.

I wish Trust wallet would also start utilizing more advanced security steps, like SMS/email confirmations and third party authenticator confirmations to prevent these to happen. Crypto exchanges, banks etc. already have these in place, and even they don’t prevent everything, it will limit for sure this kind of scams caused by unawareness of the people.

At the moment I believe that only way for me is to stop using these crypto wallets as it is so easy to click a link accidentally, without knowing the consequences and after that I have given full control for somebody else.


@JTS Yes it is possible for your wallet to be accessed if you click on a bad link. Please go through the guide below to enlighten better on ways to avoid this:

In my opinion security of the Trust wallet is still not well defined. One can easily get an understanding that as long as you keep your secret phrase secret, nobody can access your wallet and transfer your money. This gives extremely wrong security feeling. It should be very much highlightet that by any link you click or any dApp you use, you provide potentially full access to your wallet and all your funds can be transferred out from your wallet without any kind of approval needed from your side.

@JTS You most likely connected your wallet to a phishing link and approved a transaction from there.