Mining pool scum or not added to group from what’s up

Hi I am seeking help. I have been contacted by what’s up and added to a mining pool group and would like check if this is not scum. Can you help with this.
I had my money in trust wallet and she the women from what’s up said that when I apply for advance mining I will get 7% per day. Now I see my money in locked wallet is something wrong or Not.

Hello @Arek,
Thanks for reaching out to us. There is no mining pools on Trust wallet. It is a scam.

Have you already contacted your wallet and approved transaction with the link they gave you?

Do you have any idea what I can do now or how I can get my money back?
Thank for the help

@Arek sorry, there are no way back to get your money. In the future, I suggest you to make your own research on the said “mining pool” before trying anything on it. And read this

Thanks you

So they don’t find the way they can take money from this cyber criminals yet? Do I can report it somewhere or this will no work too?

I am devasted

take a look