Missing 4 Billion BEP 20 tokens

At first I had swapped bnb for 4 billion Australian shepherd tokens via pancake swap a day ago and recently i made another transaction for 33 billion more and i received it but the original 4 billion is gone. How do i get these back ? I also took screenshots of both transactions not knowing this would happen but just showing off the meme token to my friends.

my Australian Safe Shepherd wallet address is 0x66a2f509BC838F2f8CaD72768F1F02B7F8cf4e40

I checked your wallet $ASS swap and its correct you bought:

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wait iā€™m short 40 billion that makes sense cause i bought half bnb worth

My name is Shannon Day and you have fraudulently entered in my account and I am pressing charges to the fullest.