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I posted an article. actually, a link to my medium article and a got a notification that it has been approved by the moderator earlier today. only for me to find out my approved post is missing. although the article appears on google search but it is not visible on the trustwallet community. why? please help me out here. i am fraustrated. i am competing for the #WisdomOfTheCrowd. i have shared a link to the post already on the form but my article is missing and i feel it will be invalid now. here’s a link to the original post https://medium.com/@jerryjoekaizer/defi-c61490904c. please help me. thanks


I saw some articles/topics been deleted by moderator for plagiarized content. I hope it’s not one of yours.

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no it isn’t i checked,

Hi @Techbrojerry,

Medium articles and other external sites are not allowed. Contents must be posted directly in this forum, good luck!

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Update: We have revised the rules and we are now accepting Medium links. Please try to submit again, good luck!


Thank you soooooooooooooooo much!

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