Missing bitcoin transaction

i’m missing an incoming btc transaction - it shows on the blockchain - shows in coinbase wallet
but is missing in trust wallet
anyone else had this? - it’s definitely happened, just not showing up here - i’ve reinstalled the wallet, restarted my phone, put the seed back in again, any other ideas?


Hello @drydrt

it shows on the blockchain ? are you sure ? what’s the transaction hash ?

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receiving address


last transaction


The last transaction does not show up , but can you see the full amount 0.17378868BTC ???

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correct - i’ll see if i can screenshot it, i don’t think i’m missing it - it’s just not there in the trust app transaction list

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What’s wrong exactly with your app , is your full amount in your app or not ??? what’s wrong exactly are you missing some money ?!


no - there’s just an error somewhere - it doesn’t really matter i guess, i can just use coinbase wallet - because the transaction shows up there

the transaction is not showing in trust wallet app - but i think the total amount of bitcoin in there is correct

and it’s on the blockchain - so there’s an error


Topic closed…

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