Missing BNB coin

Hi, I wanted to swap BONFIRE TO PIG. When I click swap after I saw BNB page. I confirmed but transaction is gave error. Also, my BNB money is gone. I tried 3 times. Also, I tried before. I will write under line all transactions error id.

1- 0xcd18833451ffb46a743ca946acf62f7615991b8dfc83d060bce0f70f2719f4d0

2- 0x3d10c82ef0868f2a437fca6dfe1b3094694b5a44974a3380111c68c89519daff

3- 0x12ea0923f705215402df5ec86ef0d6e96d6940193bcfc1d8786a016ea31714fa

4- 0xd833dece9afe0d771eb926c1ce02538a4df70e84a6aaee00edddd3cc8b3f2539

King Regards.