Missing Bnb what will i do

Missing Bnb. Please help = Amount:80 Busd. Address the fund was transfered to:bnb1ranykh9cwejm3genxvd8pua49h0zsu6g6hy6uj . Transaction history from my binance wallet =Txid: 7B7105F4C4131090F5C6AE36C 877586BBD5629B840B0E760B A18D15A81197C5 Date:2021-11-16. Time:06:44:02 what will i do.

Hi, please tap on top right corner and search BUSD then switch on BUSD BEP2 manually. This guide can help too: How to Add or Remove a Coin

Thanks for your reply. The BUsd in my trust is empty showing that the money is not in my Busd. Please guide me more

Good Good Good. Thank you very much. Keep it up seen. Trust wallet is the best.