Missing BTC after yesterday's delay

Sent BTC to multi-coin wallet yesterday around 9AM EST when there was an issue with BTC being received. While the message about BTC transfers being delayed is gone, I have yet to receive my BTC.

Edit: This is after I tried the basic removing the app, and re-importing the wallet steps.

I’m missing BTC in my pancake swap I see it in the main menu of my app.

I also purchased BTC. It’s been over 24 hours, it’s confirmed, the right address, and still no BTC in my account. This is nuts. Once I get it, if I do get it, I’ll never use this app again! I may talk to my card company for a refund.

Still missing my BTC. Submitted support ticket with Bittrex and they told me it was an invalid address, but I have verified more than twice now that the address is fine.